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I work for WLUC TV6 as an advertising rep by day and by night I transform into an arts and crafts super-genius. I recycle anything that could be in anyway useful as an art project. Jewelry, damaged art, textiles, furniture, you name it, I can figure a way to make it useful.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The start of something... fun!

So recently I have all of this crazy good crafty ideas just floating around in my head.xp.. And most of them require little to no money. Since I know I am not the only person living on a tight budget who likes getting creative from time to time, I have created this blog. So, just because we have to cut back on our trips to Vegas for dinner and a show or sacrifice buying $280 jeans for the $30 ones doesn't mean we have to sacrifice art projects and getting crafty, especially during the holidays.

Here's to a holiday season and a new year of big creativity on a little budget.